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Rescue Women – Cameroon (REWOCAM) is a women-led and women-centered NGO working to build, develop and empower rural and urban poor, disadvantaged, marginalized and vulnerable women and girls since 2013. We operate based on feminist principles with a strong reference to women’s rights provisions. Our priority is women and girls. We were officially legalized in 2016 with registration number REG.No. 03/E.29/1111/VOL.8/ALPAS.


Rescue Women – Cameroon is a women-led organization that is working to provide women and girls with opportunities to succeed, grow and thrive as leaders through a holistic education and socio-economic empowerment programs.


With a degree in Women and Gender Studies, and a whole lot of experience growing up in rural community where women and girls suffered under the wings of patriarchy, Mme. Nakinti Besumbu Nofuru was boiling with the desire to improve the lives of women and girls in Cameroon. In the heat of that desire, she lacked the practical knowledge to do so. In 2013, she was on of the 30 women across the world selected for the World Pulse Voices of Our Future (VOF) Program. During her time as a trainee for that program, she was exposed to the amazing work that fellow trainees were doing in their different countries to empower women and that gave her a platform to learn, not only from her trainers, but from her fellow trainees. After graduation in November 2013, Nakinti created Rescue Women – Cameroon (REWOCAM) and as a result, REWOCAM has been in existence since 2013.