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Lilian Dibo Foundation (LDF)

LDF is a disability-led and disability-focused Organization focused on improving the lives of persons living with disabilities, especially women. They are physically located in Kumba, Cameroon, but their work spans across Cameroon. Lilian Dibo Foundation is working in close collaboration with REWOCAM as they are influential in fostering disability inclusion in REWOCAM.

World Pulse

World Pulse is a “Social-Media-for-Social-Revolution” initiative, founded by Jensine Larsen, based in Portland, Oregon. It is a social network for women that brings together thousands of women from across the world. World Pulse has supported the work of REWOCAM from creation and has helped REWOCAM with visibility and through World Pulse, REWOCAM has been connected with several women who have supported their work and linked them to other support systems.

Global Pearls, Inc.

Global Pearls is a US based Organization that empower local changemakers in developing countries to reduce suffering and foster hope among marginalized populations. The fund local projects through local change-making Organizations in developing countries and REWOCAM is one of those Organizations.

Global Pearls is the number one partner of REWOCAM. The partnership which started from 2016 has grown tremendously with funding that has grown passed $200,000 in 7 years. They are our international grants holder and are committed to matching all donations to REWOCAM (1:1) since 2018. All funds donated to REWOCAM is matched, 1:1, by Global Pearls, Inc. USA. That means, if you donate $100 to REWOCAM, Global Pearls will give REWOCAM $200. Likewise, if you donate $25,000 to REWOCAM, Global Pearls will give REWOCAM $50,000. This powerful partnership has helped in scaling the work of REWOCAM and changing the lives of millions of Cameroonian women who are benefitting from our programs.