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REWOCAM is focused on removing women from the margins and placing them at the center. They are working tirelessly to empower women socially, economically, psychologically, educationally – in fact, empower women and girls in all spheres of their lives. Women in Cameroon are suffering under the wings of patriarchy, so much so that if they are not empowered, the level of suffering for women will continue to rise as the years progress. REWOCAM is here to stand in the gap for women.

A big focus area of REWOCAM is fighting Gender-Based Violence, especially rape. For the past 3 years in a row, REWOCAM has employed a multi-dimensional approach to fight child and adult rape in Cameroon. The approach brings together children in week-long camps, survivors in 4-day safe space residency conferences, mothers in day-long workshops, creation of girls and boys against rape camps in schools, all in a bid to fight rape from different angles. The Anglophone crisis that has been rocking Cameroon for 6 years now has exacerbated rape and women and children are the objects of the crime. Our impact, as far as the fight against rape is concerned in Cameroon, is already greatly felt. We are not going to stop any time soon.

Over the years we have carried out the following projects.

  • Focus on Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV): This is the core of REWOCAM. We are committed to fight against sexual and gender based violence in Cameroon and one of the areas that we have acted on is the multi-dimensional fight against rape approach that targets children, mothers, survivors, parents in general and of course the general public.
  • Survivors Support Fund (SSF): The fund gives first line support to rape survivors who do not have any source of income to take care of themselves or follow-up their cases. The fund helps them get food, legal support, medical check-up, medications, transportation, case management etc.
  • Rape Survivors’ Grant: This grant is open to all survivors who attend our yearly SUVAR conferences and it is highly competitive. After the conference, SUVAR attendees are given two weeks to sit in their created groups and submit a project that will go a long way to fight rape in their communities.
  • Sustainability Project – Poultry Farm: REWOCAM just completed the construction of a 5000 capacity broiler poultry farm to support us with office overhead. This is a groundbreaking sustainability project for us which will go a long way to not only support overhead, but also emergencies.
  • Disability Inclusion: This is a department in REWOCAM that ensures that REWOCAM includes persons/women with disabilities in all their programs and projects. It pushes for 15% representation of persons with disabilities in all of REWOCAM’s programs.
  • REWOCAM joy basket (RJB): It is a project that gifts complete delivery kits to needy IDPs, survivors of IPV and GBV as well as underprivileged women and girls in order to encourage hospital deliveries and reduce maternal mortality.
  • Livelihood support to IDPs and Refugees: A project that offers basic needs (food, hygiene kits, medication etc) to Cameroonian IDPs and Refugees in Nigeria. This project started when the Anglophone crisis/war climaxed in 2017.
  • Skills training to IDPs: This project offers scholarship to IDPs to learn a trade and also offers training and start-up capital for income generating activities to women IDPs who do not have any means of livelihood.
  • Rescue Women Girls’ Scholarship: A 100% academic scholarship for girls in primary, secondary and university rural and urban poor girls.
  • Girls Lead Club: This club was created on the heels of the scholarship to educate girls on the importance of education, SRHR, leadership, public speaking, economic empowerment etc.
  • Training of Traditional Midwives (TTM) project: A project that brings together traditional birth attendants from enclave villages that make up a sub-division to train them on proper delivery techniques, hygiene and referral pathway.

Support a 4-day conference that brings together 30 survivors of rape (per camp) in a safe space to experience healing through story sharing, strategizing and funding of survivors’ projects. All donations made to REWOCAM are matched 1:1 (doubled) by Global Pearls, Inc, USA and sent to us 100%.