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Boys Against Rape (BAR)

Like the GAR camp, the BAR camp has been bringing together boys aged 5-15 in a weeklong camp to educate them on rape; how to identify a rapist, private and public body parts, safe and unsafe touch, building safety networks, children’s rights, social services available for survivors and above all, how to be responsible boys that will grow up to be their sisters’ keepers and also become advocates against rape. These camps bring together 50 boys each year in sessions of 50 in a series of games and lectures that last a week. During these camps, the children are taught old time African traditional sports and games that have phased out due to globalization and computer age. In a bid to rekindle these old-time sports, the children are bonding and this further puts them in a relaxed mood that fosters learning, sharing and interaction. We discovered we cannot talk about rape without engaging boys who are most often a big part of the problem.

Support our projects on Boys Against Rape. All donations made to REWOCAM are matched 1:1 (doubled) by Global Pearls, Inc, USA and sent to us 100%.