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Training of Traditional Midwives (TTM)

When our REWOCAM’s major funder, Lisa Robinson Spader visited Cameroon to have a feel of REWOCAM’s projects, she was shocked at the rate of maternal deaths in those rural communities which she visited. She trekked long distances, on foot, of over 250kms to and fro, in the jungle to see for herself and take stock of the local reality. In the end, after the long trek and talking to villagers and few administrative and local authorities, she discovered that many of those villages have never had hospitals. The closest hospital to some villages went as far as 100km. As a result, the local population, including pregnant women depended on herbs for treatment and traditional birth attendants for delivery. In asking the traditional birth attendants how they deliver babies, she was shocked at the rudimentary and unhygienic methods used in delivery. Upon her return to the main village that stood as the administrative headquarters of 49 villages in that locality, she had a chat with the lone government health worker that was working in that hospital and she made a request for a project to engage and train traditional birth attendants.

Support training sessions for TTM in a select group of villages. Every little support will go a long way. All donations made to REWOCAM are matched 1:1 (doubled) by Global Pearls, Inc, USA and sent to us 100%.