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Sustainability Project - Poultry Farm

For several years, REWOCAM has battled with getting funding to support the Organization’s overhead and carter for emergencies. Last year, Global Pearls Inc., supported REWOCAM with funds to construct a poultry farm on REWOCAM’s acquired land. The good news is, REWOCAM has completed the construction of a 5000 capacity broiler poultry farm to support us with office overhead. This groundbreaking sustainability project will go a long way to not only support overhead, but also take care of emergencies. We are planning to expand our social enterprise to include multiple livestock farming projects like fish farming, snail farming etc, depending on availability of funds. We have enough space on our land to make this happen.

Support the expansion of REWOCAM’s farming exploits. All donations made to REWOCAM are matched 1:1 (doubled) by Global Pearls, Inc, USA and sent to us 100%.